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Past Seasons

2022 Main Stage Show

2022: Romeo & Juliet

In this professional outdoor production, Romeo and Juliet are survivors of climate crisis and war. Where there once was government, warring factions fight for control of Verona. Yet in this bleak world Juliet discovers love, and dreams of a better life with Romeo. Together they defy the stars; daring to love – and creating beauty in a world where none was promised. This timely take and professional production will be directed by Stephanie Buck with combat design by Michael Brian Ogden. 
2021 Main Stage Show

2021: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Our main stage show was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” directed by the talented Lynch Travis.
The production marked Mr. Travis’ directorial debut with SRO. Lynch is well known to audiences at Purple Rose, Meadow Brook, Williamston, JET, Detroit Public, Performance Network, and Bonstelle.
And those are just some of the professional houses where he’s worked as an actor, director, or both.
Virtual Play Reading

New! Hope Canyon

When Covid-19 closed Shakespeare Royal Oak down last summer, founder Ed Nahhat decided to finish writing the play he’d been drafting for a decade, Hope Canyon. An on-line reading and live talk-back was held on February 27, 2021.
2019 Main Stage Show

2019: Othello and The Tempest

Othello lives for love, passion and pride, but is manipulated by jealousy and revenge. An evening in the park with Othello was the highlight of the summer. With clever staging and direction, our daylight production of The Tempest was a perfect fit for adults and younger audiences.
2018 Main Stage Show

2018: Much Ado About Nothing and The Comedy of Terrible Errors

Much Ado About Nothing is a hilarious battle of the sexes that turns serious at the original wedding-gone wrong, forcing Benedict to choose between love and loyalty. In The Comedy of Terrible Errors, four unprepared actors desperately need help from the audience to get their version of The Comedy of Errors on its feet.
2017 Main Stage Show

2017: The Taming of the Shrew and Shakespeare In Love and War

The Taming Of The Shrew is full of empowered, feisty characters. In our version, the taming goes both ways for these lovers, Petruchio and Katherina. Shakespeare in Love and War is another Water Works original, based on the Bard’s timeless tales of the most dramatically important times in life: war and love.
2016 Main Stage Show

2016: Richard III and Twelfth Night

Shakespeare Royal Oak favorite Michael Brian Ogden returned as the scheming Richard III in this Thrones-style outdoor evening show. Our fun daylight show was a family friendly version of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, 12th Night.
2015 Main Stage Show

2015: All’s Well That Ends Well and As You Like It

Our main stage show was All’s Well that Ends Well. Our daytime family show was As You Like It.
2014 Main Stage Show

2014: Hamlet and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Our main stage show was Hamlet. Our daytime family show was The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.