Water Works Teen Ensemble

In its tenth year, Water Works Teen Ensemble, our extraordinary high school-age outdoor experience, will continue to take on brand new challenges.

The 2021 season is slated to run two weeks beginning July 19th and will offer performances July 31, August 1, and August 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions:

Where exactly are the programs held?
Starr Jaycee Park is located on 13 Mile Road between Main and Crooks. Student drop-off and pick-up will occur in the central parking area by the main sign.

What if I need to get a message to my child during camp? How can I reach someone in the park?
Call us or email education@waterworkstheatre.com.

What do we do if it looks like rain?
We have a rain location for heavy forecasts. It is Starr Presbyterian Church, located at the corner of 13 Mile Road and Crooks Road. If rain is likely, a teacher or member of the Water Works staff will contact you either the night before or the morning of classes to notify you of any location change.

What if it starts to rain in the middle of the day?
There IS a sheltered area at Starr Jaycee Park, so don’t worry. If the rain fails to pass over, we may contact parents by phone to pick their students up early. If we don’t already have your contact numbers, make sure you give them to us the first day of the program. Make sure you have an emergency contact listed so that we can reach someone at all times.

Water Works Teen Ensemble Questions:

How can my family and friends see the show?
Each participating student will be given 2 complimentary tickets to distribute as they choose. Tickets will be sold to performances for $5. Parents volunteering for hospitality and box office before each performance need not pay for a ticket or use one of the provided comps.

What will rehearsals be like?
In the first week, we’ll spend some time getting to know each other the script, and we’ll begin staging, likely on the second day of rehearsal. The rest of the first week will be focused on blocking, character work, and dance and fight choreography. In the second week, our days will be structured so that we neither burn out nor get bored – we’ll do advanced scene work as we put our show together, taking it scene by scene and building it into a full production. There will be plenty of time to review both movement and lines. By Friday (if not sooner), we’ll be able to run our show all the way through at least twice with all technical elements so that students are prepared for their performances. In an ensemble approach, even students who are not in a particular scene will have ample input into its staging, and there are virtually limitless possibilities in terms of casting and stage time for everyone.

What will non-actors be doing during this program?
Students interested in directing, stage managing, and design (costumes, props, sound) will have opportunities not only to shadow professionals as they work but will be asked to take initiative in their area of interest to actively contribute to the process and production.

What do we need to bring to rehearsals?
Healthy snacks and water are provided daily in the second week; however, Water Works Teen Ensemble will not provide lunch. Be advised that this summer’s program will be nut free. It is suggested that each student bring a lunch packed with a beverage, insect repellent, and sun block. Loose, comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather, including a hat, is also recommended. For the comfort and safety of your student, we ask that NO Crocs, clogs or flip-flops be worn; sturdy shoes that buckle or tie are required.

What are the requirements for auditions?
Students are asked to memorize one Shakespearean monologue (1-2 minutes long) for their auditions. There will also be a free audition workshop on June 9th that students are welcome to attend. No headshots or resumes are required!

If you are planning to attend the workshop or to schedule an audition time, email: education@waterworkstheatre.com.

Please note: Students who are interested in design and wish to attend auditions as part of their process need not perform a monologue. Please contact me for more information!

Will there be costumes? What will they be like?
The ensemble will determine what costumes are necessary for our telling of this story, and parents/guardians should rest assured that they will not need to buy anything that cannot be pulled from closets!

Do you still have questions? Feel free to call us or email education@waterworkstheatre.com. See you in the park!