Shakespeare Royal Oak Online: Virtual Bard

Shakespeare Royal Oak proudly announces Virtual Bard, its first online classes on Zoom! Classes begin June 1, 2020.
This high caliber online experience offers safe and affordable ways to get your hands-on Shakespeare fix this summer, led by SRO’s Artistic Director Sara Wolf and two of SRO’s eminent artists, Barton Bund and Patrick Nelson Hanley.
Here’s what you can get:

Basic Bard (Sold Out)

Basic Bard is for youth entering third to eighth grade in the fall of 2020 and will be led by SRO’s youth education director Patrick Nelson Hanley. Students will experience an approachable introduction to Shakespeare that our summer KidsAct! program made famous. First, they’ll get acquainted with theatre history and learn who the Bard was, and who he still is to us today. Then they’ll jump right in to speaking some of the most famous words ever written, and have fun performing scenes and monologues for each other.

Classes are Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3 – 4:30 pm.

Bard 2.0

Bard 2.0 is for teens entering freshman to senior year in the fall of 2020. Also led by Patrick Nelson Hanley, this advanced program reflects the format established by our popular outdoor Teen Ensemble where students delve into active understanding and performing Shakespeare’s words and grow complex scene work and prepare soliloquies.

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3 – 4:30 pm.

The Bard with Bart: Discovering Shakespeare (Sold Out)

The Bard with Bart: Discovering Shakespeare is a daring adventure for adults who are new to performing Shakespeare, leading to a final invited online performance, directed and taught by award-winning director Barton Bund. Special guests will join too, to offer skills and help make this performance intensive as real as it gets.

Classes are Monday and Wednesday evenings 7 – 8:30 pm, as well as for rehearsals on Saturdays (as called).

Shakespeare’s Verse (Sold Out)

Shakespeare’s Verse is the vision of Artistic Director Sara Wolf, offering deep text work for adults with some Shakespeare experience, leading to final performance of a soliloquy or sonnet. This study-to-perform program will explore the Bard’s master technique and discover multi-leveled meanings in his art.

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 – 8:30 pm.

All Virtual Bard sessions have a limited size of 12 students and cost only $250 for the full 4-week course. Additional sessions may be scheduled for overflow, so don’t wait to sign up! Overflow registrants will be wait listed until a new session is formed.

Registration is non-refundable unless a minimum number of students do not enroll for classes to take place. Should minimums not be met, refunds will occur. Overflow registrations are held as refundable until a new session is opened for them.

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