Shakespeare Royal Oak Staff


Executive Director/Board Member: Edward Nahhat
Artistic Director: Sara Catheryn Wolf
Managing Director: Jenni Clark
Director of Education & Development: Patrick Hanley
Public Relations Director: Scott Myers
Administrative Manager: Patrice Walsh
Board Members: Tony & Jan Schmitt
Bookkeeper: Nina Barlow
Social Media Manager: Mary Hickman Kruszewski
Marketing Consultant: Bryan Conroy
House Manager/Board Member: Holly Conroy
Hospitality Manager: Jenni Clark
Hospitality Assistants: Lisa & Duane Kimmel
Box Office Manager (Taming of the Shrew): Jason Hoff
Box Office Manager (Shakespeare in Love & War): JM Ethridge
Box Office Adviser: Sam Nahhat
Concessions Manager: Kristy Smith
Concessions Assistant: Suzanne Bianchi
Concessions Assistants: Donna and Rob Kruse
Concessions Assistant: Mary Nahhat
Concessions Assistant: Kim Smiley Nahhat

Production Staff

Operations Manager: Matt Lira
Technical Director: Joe Petrous
Set Designer: Elspeth Williams
Master Carpenter: Rick Lewis
Sound Design: Jarod Clark

Taming of the Shrew
Director: Lynnae Lehfeldt

Shakespeare in Love & War
Director: Sara Catheryn Wolf


The Taming of the Shrew
Petruchio: Mitchell A. Koory (AEA)
Kate: Anne Marie Damman

Crew and Consultants

Assistant TD/Sound: Jarod Clark
Lights: Mike Miller
Graphic Design Consultant: Angela Marsh/Night Cry Graphics
Web Design and Cover Art: Don Schulte/Don Schulte Photography LLC
A/V Consultant: TVN: Inc./Tom Niemkiewicz
Video Production: Kevin Walsh
Starr Presbyterian Church Contact: Mandy Reinke
Royal Oak Dept Public Works: Greg Rassel
RO Farmers Market Master: Shelly Mazur
Vocal Coach: Lynnae Lehfeldt