About Water Works Theatre and Shakespeare in the Park


A slow summer sunset glows across a stage, tucked among tall trees. You’re sitting comfortably on the grass with special friends, as the area’s best professional actors open up the magic of Shakespeare’s genius just for you, under the open sky. By the final bow you’ll be on your feet applauding this unique, affordable and amazing experience that the people of Water Works Theatre Company have shared with you under the summer stars.

And as you stroll out of the park by candlelight, your heart will feel the sweetness of the fleeting season, and wish it would never end. I’m not exaggerating. Each one of Water Works shows over the past 16 years has been a special as a jewel.

Then there are the kids. When you see their excited smiles and hear them speak a soliloquy for the first time, or stage a sword fight, or improv a scene, you’ll swear they shine brighter than they ever have.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy our 17th year of making jewels in the park.

Thank you,

Ed NahhatEd Nahhat
Founder and Chair
Water Works Theatre Company




Our History

Since 2001, Water Works Theatre Company has offered the wonderful work of the Bard with Michigan’s best professional and emerging professional artists, in a one-of-a-kind outdoor summer setting. It began as a mid-winter dream and emerged that first August as a moonlit magical moment destined to fill a cultural niche so important to the quality of life in the community.  In 2002, Water Works also began to fill an educational niche by offering professional Shakespeare performance training to K through 8th grade students that is not available anywhere else, at the reasonable price and convenient location offered here. In 2009, we began presenting a second “daylight family show” in rotation with our main Shakespeare play. In 2010 we began Water Works Academy that offered high school students the chance to create their own Shakespeare-based show on our stage.

Through the years, Water Works has entertained thousands, and employed hundreds of local artists, many of whom have gone on to succeed in theater, television and film. Also, many of our hundreds of students have gone on to study the craft in college. Some have even returned to us as adults.

Water Works has received many accolades from community and state leaders, and has garnered its fair share of artistic awards, too. Most importantly, Water Works continues to create a sustaining movement of artistic and community excellence, thanks to our patrons and sponsors.

Shakespeare Royal Oak Staff


Executive Director/Board Member: Edward Nahhat
Artistic Director: Sara Catheryn Wolf
Managing Director: Jenni Clark
Director of Education & Development: Patrick Hanley
Public Relations Director: Scott Myers
Administrative Manager: Patrice Walsh
Board Members: Tony & Jan Schmitt
Bookkeeper: Nina Barlow
Social Media Manager: Mary Hickman Kruszewski
Marketing Consultant: Bryan Conroy
House Manager/Board Member: Holly Conroy
Hospitality Manager: Jenni Clark
Hospitality Assistants: Lisa & Duane Kimmel
Box Office Manager (Taming of the Shrew): Jason Hoff
Box Office Manager (Shakespeare in Love & War): JM Ethridge
Box Office Adviser: Sam Nahhat
Concessions Manager: Kristy Smith
Concessions Assistant: Suzanne Bianchi
Concessions Assistants: Donna and Rob Kruse
Concessions Assistant: Mary Nahhat
Concessions Assistant: Kim Smiley Nahhat

Production Staff

Operations Manager: Matt Lira
Technical Director: Joe Petrous
Set Designer: Elspeth Williams
Master Carpenter: Rick Lewis
Sound Design: Jarod Clark

Taming of the Shrew
Director: Lynnae Lehfeldt

Shakespeare in Love & War
Director: Sara Catheryn Wolf


The Taming of the Shrew
Petruchio: Mitchell A. Koory (AEA)
Kate: Anne Marie Damman

Crew and Consultants

Assistant TD/Sound: Jarod Clark
Lights: Mike Miller
Graphic Design Consultant: Angela Marsh/Night Cry Graphics
Web Design and Cover Art: Don Schulte/Don Schulte Photography LLC
A/V Consultant: TVN: Inc./Tom Niemkiewicz
Video Production: Kevin Walsh
Starr Presbyterian Church Contact: Mandy Reinke
Royal Oak Dept Public Works: Greg Rassel
RO Farmers Market Master: Shelly Mazur
Vocal Coach: Lynnae Lehfeldt