2022: Romeo & Juliet

2022 Main Stage Show

Romeo & Juliet: July 28 – August 7, 2022

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will return to Shakespeare Royal Oak July 28-August 7. In this professional outdoor production, Romeo and Juliet are survivors of climate crisis and war. Where there once was government, warring factions fight for control of Verona. Yet in this bleak world Juliet discovers love, and dreams of a better life with Romeo. Together they defy the stars; daring to love – and creating beauty in a world where none was promised.

This timely take and professional production will be directed by Stephanie Buck with combat design by Michael Brian Ogden. Auditions are March 26 & 27 at St. John Episcopal Church in Royal Oak located at 26998 Woodward, Royal Oak MI 48067. Actors interested in auditioning should complete the online request for an audition time slot. Virtual auditions are also available upon request.

Shakespeare Royal Oak is committed to diversity and equality in all casting and hiring. The company invites and encourages artists of all races, backgrounds, and cultures to audition and apply; it supports non-traditional casting, and is committed to consider all roles for all artists.

Tickets for Romeo and Juliet will go on sale in June at shakespeareroyaloak.com.

2021 Main Stage Show

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Our main stage show was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” directed by the talented Lynch Travis.

The production marked Mr. Travis’ directorial debut with SRO. Lynch is well known to audiences at Purple Rose, Meadow Brook, Williamston, JET, Detroit Public, Performance Network, and Bonstelle.

And those are just some of the professional houses where he’s worked as an actor, director, or both.

Production Cast/Staff:

Director: Lynch Travis
Stage Manager: Michelle Resnick
Theseus/Oberon: Craig Ester
Hippolyta/Titania: Margaret Alger
Puck: Linda Rabin Hammell
Bottom: Keith Kalinowski
Lysander: Antonio Vettraino
Demetrius: Justin Montgomery
Helena/Snug: CJ Williams
Hermia/Flute: Jaclynn Cherry
Quince/Egeus/Fairy: Dryden Zurawski
Philostrate/Starvelin/Fairy: Maurizio Dominguez

A Midsummer Night’s Dream ran five shows, Thursday, August 5 – Sunday, August 8, 2021.
Shakespeare Royal Oak is committed to equality and diversity in our casting and hiring. We invite and encourage artists of all races, backgrounds, and cultures to audition and work with us. We support non-traditional casting and remain committed to consideration of all roles for all artists.