2019: Othello and The Tempest

Main Stage Show

Othello lives for love, passion and pride, but is manipulated by jealousy and revenge. No modern thriller can match its understanding of what it means to fear your friend and distrust your spouse. This ride takes us deep into the mind of a powerful man boldly facing the deepest fear of his life. An evening in the park with Othello was the highlight of the summer.

Othello Production Cast/Staff:

Director: Frannie Shepherd-Bates
Stage Manager: Maria Tejada (AEA)

Othello: Will Bryson (AEA)
Desdemona: Catherine Coffey
Duchess: Connie Cowper
Iago: Jonathan Davidson
Lodivico: Annie Dilworth
Montano: Hugh Duneghy II
Emilia: Sarah Hawkins
Roderigo: Dante Jones
Cassio: Artun Kircali (AEA)
Gratiano: Chris Martin
Bianca: Allison Megroet
Brabantio: Sean Paraventi


Fun Family Adventure!

The Tempest is a massive magical storm that sends shipwrecked survivors to an island of fantastic exuberance. On the island a brave woman and her powerful father wait with secret knowledge about the survivors, and the keys to their fate in their hands. With clever staging and direction, this daylight production was a perfect fit for adults and younger audiences.

Tempest Production Cast/Staff:

Director: Barton Bund
Stage Manager: Rebecca Godwin
Assistant Stage Manager: Abby Zimmerman
Properties Designer: Jim Griffioen

Erika Hoveland: Prospero
Claire de Vries: Miranda/Ensemble
Jarvis Pitts: Caliban/Ensemble
Lee Cleaveland: Ferdinand/Ensemble
Erin Prouty: Ariel & Gonzálo


Water Works Teen Ensemble

Water Works Teen Ensemble returned to the festival for its ninth summer. The original two-week outdoor creative experience for high school students provided an opportunity for the participants to cast, direct, and present a complete performance of a Shakespeare play. The 2019 ensemble presentation was Macbeth on the Starr Jaycee Park stage.

Believing their evil acts are justified by spirits, Macbeth and his wife climb to the top of the kingdom the old-fashioned way, only to face the wrath of the same charms that first guided their hands.  The 2019 all-high school production of Macbeth was a must see with only three performances, July 27, 29 and 30.

Crew and Consultants

Lights: Chris O’Meara
Graphic Design Consultant: Angela Marsh/Night Cry Graphics
Web Design and Cover Art: Don Schulte/Don Schulte Photography LLC
A/V Consultant: TVN: Inc./Tom Niemkiewicz
Video Production: Kevin Walsh